The Relevance of Accounting Information in Decision Making Process, Accounting Information in Decision Making Process, The Effect of Utilizing Audio Visual Materials in Teaching and Learning Mathematics Using Selected Schools, The Developmental Roles of Financial Institution in Economic Development in Abia State, The Role of Internal Control as the Foundation of Quality Management, The Implication of 25 Billion Recapitalization Policy of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Nigerian Economy, The Effect of Capital Structure on the Profitability of Quoted Insurance Companies in Nigeria, The Efficiency of Education Expenditure in Nigeria (1990 – 2015), Fiscal Accountability Dilemma in Nigeria Public Sector: A Warning Model for Economic Retrogression, Impact of Financial Information on the Profitability of Business Organization in Nigeria, Impacts of Accounting System Common in Public Sector, Problem and Prospect of Financial Control Tool, The Challenges of Rating Valuation in Nigeria, The Impact of Monetary Policy in Nigeria Banking Institution, The Impact of Working Capital Management of the Productivity of a Manufacturing Company. contributes to the entity’s strategic objectives, Note: Budgets form part of management accounting because it is not bound by regulatory requirements. The purpose of this study has earlier been identified as that of establishing how accounting information provides basis for business decisions. Price earnings ration (PER) Deemed the social contract represents explicit and implicit about how the organisation should

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Liquidity: It is the ability of a company to meet its financial obligations as they become due.

0000003049 00000 n Shareholdersequity−¿tangibleassets 10. the company for their internal decision. numbers, Strategic planning: concerns long term planning (typically 3-5 years) This is not saying that conclusion reached in this study is baseless. 0000003863 00000 n received in relation to income items and the cash paid for expenses. The Relevance of Accounting Information in Decision Making Process (A Case Study of UAC Nigeria Plc) ABSTRACT. - Formulating plans and budgets Corporate Governance Please sign in or register to post comments. Thus the main focus of this project is to establish the impact of accounting information vis-a-vis decision making from the point of view of a major user of accounting information United Africa Company of Nigeria (UAC) Nig. improving customer service and corporate governance, A budget is the quantities expression of an entities plan

Statistics: The absences of vital statistics that would have lent more weight to the conclusion. - Keeping inventory levels to only what is required, Introduction to the concept of CVP 0000002231 00000 n negative effect on the one side, thereby resulting in no change to the overall value of the equation. Business events: are occurrences that will probably effects the entity in some way, but are not recorded

Cash from operating activities shows ability to: - Item is paid but not recognised as an expense i.e not used or consumed. Title. For the purpose of decision making, the past is used as a guide to future estimates of the consequences of different alternatives. Part 2 – Analysis, calculation, relationships & limitations, Assetturnover ratio= salesrevenue accounting. Key points – control, future economic benefits and past event

- Obtain external finance Parties performing an overview of regulatory function e.g. capacity to its long term debts, Debtcoverageratio= customers and debtors. Financial Analysis: It can be defined as the relationship between financial data in the financial statement to assist or aid In evaluating the financial condition and performances ofa firm or company in a particular financial year and in accordance with the interest of various users of the report. Accounting is like eyes and ears of the management, it is also regarded as the language of business. Ration analysis is a 3-step process, Calculate a meaningful ratio by expression $ amount of an item by $ amount of another, Interpret the ration and seek and explain why it is different from previous years, comparative - A market value indicator that reflects the number of years of earnings that investors are prepared Thirdly, dividend decision which involves determining how much should be paid out of the firm’s earnings to the shareholders as dividend and how much is to be retained cannot be ascertained due to lack of the knowledge of accounting tools for analyzing is accounting information. Internal management to assist in their decision making duties, Financial analysis involves expressing the reported number in relative terms rather than relying n (UPDC), the first company in the real estate sector to be quoted on the stock exchange, warm spring waters Nigerian Limited, manufacturer of “GOSSY” spring Water, the bottling plant is located in Ikogosi-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Get Full Work (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclaimer: Using this Service/Resources: You are allowed to use the original model papers you will receive in the following ways: 1. The objective of this study is to examine the usage level of accounting information and to show … Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP): These are set of accounting concept used in the preparation and presentation of financial statement. balancing, Duality must always apply – a transaction must always have two sides, Single Entry Error – Occurs when only 1 side of a transaction is recorded. - Business operate national and expanding to operate at a global level This fluctuation has great impact on investment and decision making. Decision-making in Management Accounting In management accounting, decision‑making may be simply defined as choosing a course of action from among alternatives. averageaccountsreceivable. Liability = External sources of funds (present obligation), Equity = Internal sources of funds (from owners) This research work was carried out to know the Relevance of accounting information in decision making process using United Africa Company (UAC) of Nigeria PLC as a case study. - Helping to identify periods of expected cash shortages and surpluses Legal duties Transposition error – When two recorded digits are transposed or switched e.g.

Current Liability, Cash Flow Ratio WT��TD�.J!�cr�GNV�1���!/;͝{���u:SU��Kd�p�V2m��D�w� ��H�ZaFȄ·T:�?� 7��Q�YyQX��rAe�,,�H���P����^n�����1|ޑc8� x�y�st���ߖ�ЈLI�\��G[�QǡD��f#}��U]lP�<>� ��K��.��A��$��]G��Q����U�}���#�%�i����劀��L���z�~r��� �Z˕'�m,dߘ���0C]b�s��� ~I�x|�6 0 �x������MC� �Z޶FpqC#S��^��y��H�H>wGw��AX�~9j��nD����)s�On[>�x�X��ͺ���Ȭ'hحD� Y���e@r��[����y�[@. - Dependent on the definition of liabilities entity, A business transaction is recorded when: Currentmarket price What are the problems inherent in the use of accounting information as a tool for decision making? Accrual Accounting: is a system in which transaction and events are recorded in the periods they lease costs, depreciation charges - Fixed costs per unit – will decrease as the number of units produced increased, Variable costs: change in total as the level of activity changes. - Making use of creditors terms cost of sales, Day’s debtor’s ratio classification of items included in the master budget need to mirror the chart of accounts, Because budgets are based on forecast about the future, complete accuracy is impossible and related to accounts receivable, Daysdebtors= must be able to be Financial activities - Documenting timing of all cash receipts and payments internal users.


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