Xia Dynasty (c. 2070-1600 BC) Chinese Dynasty Timeline Directions: Watch the Chinese Dynasty Video to find your information. During its golden age it influenced its neighbors and inspired other cultures as well as handed down scientific and cultural knowledge to the subsequent generations. The Phoenicians establish themselves on the coasts of Syria and Libya, coming from Arabia in the 4th century BC. - CrystalGraphics offers more PowerPoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. Deportation of the Jews (known as the Babylonian captivity) by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC. Ancient Minoan or Prepalatial: Growth and expansion of trade in Crete with countries in the Middle East and Egypt. 2000 BC – 1700 BC The Spaniard Conquest of the Mayan people was completed in 1697, with the conquering of Tayasal, capital of the Itza and Zacpeten Mayans, capital of the Ko’woj Mayans was in Peten (Modern-day Guatemala). 79 AD – 81 AD 4000 BC Culture History-Pottery. 600 BC 13000 BC Large, highly-populated cities appear with a clear specialization in the use of space and social differentiation. They get their name from the village of Mycenae in Peloponnese. Once the events are in chronological order, children copy these events onto the blank timeline. Agriculture, industry, and trade flourished. The Mixtecans shared numerous cultural features with their neighbors, the Zapotecans. 1204 AD – 1261 AD 1644 - 1912: Qing Dynasty 1912: The Qing Dynasty comes to an end with the Xinhai Revolution. 27 BC The Land is conquered by Alexander the Great; Hellenistic Ruler. Paleolithic Age9500 B.C. He later started a political expansion. It was one of several major engineering accomplishments of the Qin Dynasty in the third century BC (BCE). 357 BC – 355 BC Late Period: With two periods of Persian rule, Egypt became a Satrap (protector of the land/country). 480 BC They created the Greek alphabet based on the Phoenician alphabet. ... the applied or decorative arts rather ... - Grooved Mastodon tusk. Established by Liu Bang. The Moche culture declined rapidly with the arrival of the Chimu culture. Rome was equipped with a new system of government designed to replace the leadership of the kings. Carthage falls. 600 BC – 889 AD After leaving expelled from Chapultepec by the Altepetl of Azcapotzalco, Xaltocan, Culhuacan, and Xochimilco, they settled in Tizapan, in the domain of Culhuacan, which they left due to the harsh conditions and a confrontation with the Culhuacans, heading towards the region of Texcoco before choosing a small island. There never existed a country called “Phoenicia”. Perseus won and offered the Romans a peace treaty that was rejected. It was shot from a canon of bronze like a flamethrower. Your notes MUST be legible to receive full points. Discovery of Al was 1827, for example ... - History of Ceramics Prehistory Containers and Storage Sculpture, Recordkeeping, & Building Material Ancient Egypt & Greece Ancient China Terra Cotta Chinese ... - Heroes are used as corporate ancestors. And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. Gupta occupied the greater part of Northern India and Eastern Pakistan and Bangladesh. This region saw the development of an indigenous civilization in the frame of a mosaic of great ethnic and linguistic diversity. Hence the end of Eastern Phoenicia. The Mexican mythology, being very diverse but practically made under the mandate of Tlacelel, originated in Chicomoztoc (nahuatl: Chicome-oztotli-co, “Place of the seven caves”), a site related to Aztlan, from where the word Aztec is derived. Rome was immersed into a period of anarchy and civil war. They started to use currency. 265-420 AD It should be noted that, until its fall, Greece developed an excellent fleet of which the Dromon is the ship that stood out the most. ... Symbolism. Ancient Chinese Inventions & Invention Games. Phoenicia was, for being an important center of trade, coveted by large neighboring empires. This period is characterized by the marked decline of the Olmecans and the reflection of the culture’s influence in tow other cultures: the Teotihuacanans and the Mayans. These tribes didn’t recognize the power that they would’ve had together. In this peninsula, the famous Battle of Troy took place, in which the Greeks, led by Agamemnon, won against the Trojans, led by Hector. First Roman triumvirate: Unofficial political alliance formed by Gnaeus Pompey Magnus, Gaius Julius Caesar, and Marcus Crassus Licino, who abolished the aristocratic constitution. • BC – Before Christ: used in dating years prior to the It was a simple system that permitted the diffusion of knowledge and culture. 1200 AD – 1510 AD Required fields are marked *. When Teotihuacan declined, other centers that depended culturally and commercially on it came to a rapid end as well. Greeks populated the west coast of Anatolia. 1063 AD – 1115 AD On its ruins, the Eighth Crusade took place. PPTX - This version is in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 format. 1200-1100 BC They were usually enemies and often in war, different in their origins, languages, customs, idolatrous practices and degree of barbarism. Muhammed and many of his followers flee to the neighboring city of Medina. The Numidians were one of the first natives that traded with the Carthaginian colonies. Ancient Greek poet Sappho dies about 600 BC. 614 BC The tribal rivalry, the assimilation of conquered cultures, the ancient military model, the development of agriculture, the absence of an effective military, and the use of gunpowder were some of the most important factors in the decay of the Mongolian empire.


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