The invention of MALDI-IMS was a major breakthrough by making it possible to study the localization and abundance of molecules without multiple steps of sample preparation. The diversity of the samples is further complicated by the fact that proteins have various isoforms and variants. This is not necessarily the system that has evolved for ovarian cancer, which uses the FIGO system.

This gel is then placed across a larger gel, and the proteins are separated in the second dimension, at right angles to the first, according to their size.
De Bruijn et al., “Pretreatment serum squamous cell carcinoma antigen: a newly identified prognostic factor in early-stage cervical carcinoma,”, J. In addition, the fact that malignant cells shed and passively move through the peritoneal cavity so early in malignancy generates significant challenges for treatment. Proteomics has identified proteins that offer promise as diagnostic or prognostic markers, or as therapeutic targets in a range of illnesses, including cancer, immune rejection after transplantation, and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria; it has the potential to allow patient-tailored therapy. However, accumulating evidence shows that senescent cells can have deleterious effects on the tissue microenvironment. It is approved in combination with standard surgical evaluations, which seems to reduce its usefulness; however, the utility of OVA1 occurs in cases where other clinical tests do not indicate malignancy when it is present. Since MALDI-IMS can produce molecular protein signatures of both healthy and diseased tissues, it has successfully led to the identification of diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic protein biomarkers and produced a novel classification of diseases [104, 105]. Several studies demonstrated that AQUA is capable of measuring protein expression on histological specimens obtained from various types of tumor with good accuracy and reproducibility, possibly leading to better clinical outcomes [168–171]. The pathogenesis of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is not well understood, and a specific diagnostic method is critical for the management and control of this disease. Protein changes caused by gain- or loss-of-function mechanisms via, for example, protein-protein interaction or posttranslational modification may contribute to the etiology of cancer.
The AQUA system allows for high-throughput and high-resolution analysis of TMA, therefore, the TMA-AQUA can serve as an effective discovery tool and will help to advance personalized medicine by identifying and validating new biomarker and drug targets. Applying its findings will improve our understanding of the roles of individual proteins or entire cellular pathways in the initiation and development of disease. Multiplexing is carried out by probing multiple protein arrays spotted with the same lysate and using different antibodies [155]. Figure 1: Multiple types of stimuli can provoke cellular senescence and a senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP). Proteomics technologies are playing a major role in identifying potential therapeutic targets in Plasmodium species, as well as host–pathogen interactions and protein–drug interactions.18 Advances to date include the identification of differences between Plasmodium species, identification of immune targets for vaccination and immune protection, and better understanding of the cellular target(s) of chloroquine and mechanisms of chloroquine resistance.

Mills, and K. Coombes, “Serial dilution curve: a new method for analysis of reverse phase protein array data,”, B. T. Hennessy, Y. Lu, E. Poradosu et al., “Pharmacodynamic markers of perifosine efficacy,”, A. M. Gonzalez-Angulo, B. T. Hennessy, and G. B. Arbor Vita Corporation has developed a rapid diagnostic test, “AV Avantage HPV E6 test” in collaboration with PATH (the Program of Appropriate Technology in Health), a nonprofit global health agency, with FDA approval targeted in 2013. Mass spectrometry offers a number of advantages for the biochemical analysis of lipids [84, 85], nucleic acid fragments, [86] and proteins, thus it has become a powerful and indispensable tool for proteomic studies [87–89]. Studies examining the effect of the PI3K inhibitor LY294002 on human xenografts demonstrated the multiplex assays’ effectiveness and reliability to measure pharmacodynamic responses [157]. Harigopal and colleagues used this method to investigate the prognostic significance of AIB1, TIF2, and NCoR protein expression in breast cancer. Figure 3: Structural models reflecting the kinase domain of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) that are (a) wild type and (b) L858R mutant, and (c) locations of identified mutations.


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