Also Also, Fat Thor has very recently been KO'd, and he likely had not fully recovered, That's ignoring that Thor was hit many times by Thanos before that without being KO'd, Cap's hits left visible marks on Thanos' face, We're seriously comparing a kree weapon to Stormbreaker? Strange vs. Captain Marvel vs. Scarlet witch. But the chaos magic that Wanda wields is a little too unpredictable since despite the fact that Carol might know it’s coming, there’s not a lot to say that she could predict just how Wanda would seek to immobilize her.
The duplicates have no durability feats, her AOE attack kills them all at once. If he can use the mobility from the cloak to effect he has a number of oneshots (portals, mirror dimension chains etc,) available and can defends against anything the others can throw at him. She is faster as well and blows him out of the water in mobility. Captain Marvel really does not match up with Dr. This led to the Avengers calling upon Doctor Strange for help, and he he used his spells and the Eye of Agamotto to effectively take her down. She physically overpowered him in one motion and could have continued her assault had he not had reached for the powerstone. There's a reason that Doctor Strange holds the title of the 'Sorcerer Supreme' in Marvel's comic universe, having spent years training and studying to become a Master of the Mystic Arts. Also lightning and duplication spell would counter Wanda. The only way Thor can put her down is with a stormbreaker shot while CM can most definitely beat Thor via KO if she gets a solid string of shots in. Strange and Thor. @money_brings_happiness: First, I apologize, I may have been a little rude there, 1) Carol's shield is clearly shown when she's taking hits from Thanos' ship, Not the best gif to see the shield, but if you check out the scene you will probably know what I mean, 2) Actually, you can see energy around the gauntlet when she's holding it, and since she's absorbed energy before it would be weird at the least if she was holding on to a major power source, seemingly got way stronger, but wasn't absorbing energy, Look very closely, when Thanos grabs Carol, her arm moves back first before he throws her, it kinda seems like she's trying to pull her arm back, Look closely, that bruise or mark is there long before Carol ever shows up, 5) While I completely disagree with that, we already have seen a Thor powered Cap do FAR better in CQC than Fat Thor did, and even better than Carol did. Furthermore she her bullrushes would allow her to pin him down and they also are strong enough to potentially KO. Come on man. It will take Wanda an hour to walk these 100 feet in the description to get to Strange. However, is one stronger than the other? Afterwards, Wanda's father Magneto would arrive to take her away and eventually begin the House of M storyline (in which Wanda remade Marvel's universe). The only advantages she really has is that she’s faster and physically stronger since Wanda’s own abilities are that of a regular human being.

Previously, Kevin was a writer for The State of the MCU's Actual Overpowered Hero.

And a Thor powered Cap seemed as fast as Carol against Thanos. Captain America Wields The Phoenix Force in Avengers Preview, Wonder Woman: DC's Forgotten Cheetah Was An Eco-Terrorist, Batman is Seriously Becoming One Of DC's Worst Superheroes, Captain America is About to Fight an Immortal Hulk, The Fantastic Four Just Added a New Member. by Alexandrea Sams 2 years ago in superheroes. Dr. Thanos also has a bruise over his eye after his fight with CM that he doesn't have after his fight with Cap. Let’s take this further and state that in the MCU she hasn’t shown what happens when she goes all out yet, as she’s been stretching her muscles so to speak when taking on new and more dangerous challenges. The only difference is that Thanos was able to yank the power stone from the gauntlet and send Carol flying, which could have been the end of the fight and the second major loss for the Avengers right there, save for the actions of Tony Stark. In fact Thor will likely beat her in short order.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win? Had she not have reached for the gauntlet she would have likely went untouched looking at the way the fight was going. This along with being arguably stronger than Thanos should put her above Thor in the strength category. Marvel and Thor would be energy attack/lightning blasting one another until Wanda comes to restrain Thor and do the same. Recapping Supernatural?

Team 1 edges it out. Meanwhile he will put her to sleep multiple times. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! But on even ground, with both combatants knowing that they had to take the other down? If Carol can literally no sell Thanos' attacks, why did something like this happen? CM has the physical advantage over Thor and she is the better fighter. His combat speed seems to be higher than CM and Stormbreaker should be able to hurt her since it would have killed a 6-stone powered Thanos if Thor hadn’t been an idiot. Her physicals should give her the win I see her avoiding stormbreaker and railing into Thor with bullrushes that can produce hundreds of thousands of tons of force and up close she has even shown the piercing durability to potentially take a glancing blow from stormbreaker with minimal damage. And the one point that many people would make is that while both women took on Thanos, only one of them had him completely at her mercy. Fantastic Four: How Far Can Mr. Had Wanda not been so set on torturing the mad titan until she finished him, as he wasn’t going anywhere, she would have likely torn Thanos to pieces, literally. How would the bofrost make him immune to Dr Stranges hax, More posts from the whowouldwin community. The Five Biggest Days of Our Lives Betrayals of 2020, Two Scout Troopers Ponder the Meaning of Free Will in “Existential Troopers”, A Waiting to Exhale TV Series is in the Works at ABC, Why Snooki is Missing from Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, The 10 Most Glaring Disney Movie Plot Holes of All Time, Escargore: A Terrifying Horror Comedy: For Snails, Regina King Makes Directorial Debut with “One Night in Miami”, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Garrett Powell, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rachel Hargrove, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about James Lafferty, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rahul Vaidya, Freddy Krueger, Jason and Pinhead are Fighting the Power Rangers in Fan-Made Comic.
With no outs once he was in a grip.


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