Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of I got an A in sociology AS because of you.

What about couples without children? If it’s for the content in general you can just use the web address of the page you’re referring to. Liberal societies could influence many unmarried couples to live together. Families  in the UK – Seven Interesting Statistics, AQA A-level paper 2: topics in sociology exam advice, How I would have answered the 2017 A-level Sociology paper 2 exam, The Functionalist perspective on the family, The Liberal Feminist perspective on the family, The Marxist Feminist perspective on the family, The Radical Feminist perspective on the family, Evaluating the New Right view of the family, The Late Modern perspective on the family, The Personal Life Perspective on the family, Evaluate the view that the main aim of the family is to meet the needs of capitalism, Explaining the changing patterns of marriage, Explaining the changing patterns of divorce, The consequences of declining marriage and increasing divorce, Evaluate sociological explanations for the long term increase in divorce rates, Outline and explain two reasons for the decline in marriage, Official Statistics on family and household diversity, Explaining the increase in family diversity part 1/3, Explaining the increase in family diversity part 2/3, Evaluating the view that the nuclear family is in decline part 3/3. For this section of the course you need to be able to evaluate the main social factors which explain these trends and apply sociological perspectives to examine the consequences. This type of family structure was very This type of family was more common pre-1750 when families worked with and supported each other, and which still does happen in some cultures and societies i.e. ϛ�sި�ېzn�IL������F� There will be a thorough exploration of both the arguments that the state has taken over the functions of the family and the evidence that the family continues to oversee its own affairs. Similar to Murdock, Tallcott Parsons another functionalist had his own views of what functions the nuclear family should contribute to society. 92). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Reference this. What do we mean by the terms family and household? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Answers show a more thorough understanding of the question and are supported with a good range of material. Boston House,

Taking into account the contemporary world, the two are not always the same.

understanding of the family Define what is meant by a family Explain the difference between a family and a household Identify a range of functions the family performs Apply functionalist theory to the family Analyse the impact of these ideas Evaluate the impacts of these views E A* All students preparing for mock exams, other assessments and the summer exams for AQA A-Level Sociology.

Also, a bad economic crisis could lead to many adults living back with their parents. I find your notes very useful and simple to understand! Looking for a flexible role? A household is the place where someone lives, but nnot always a family.

Hope u dont mind me asking . However this started to change when the modern industrial family emerged between 1900 and 2000, as more women were given the opportunity to become educated, this led to more women in the workforce. Time for last-minute cramming lol.

Evaluating the New Right view of the family – criticisms of some of the views from the Right Wing Think Tank CIVITAS which argues lone parents cause problems for their children and wider society. Post modernists believe that in most societies there are diverse and multi-cultural types of families where members within these units are free to make their own life choices as to how, what and where they live, work and socialise within society. The Liberal Feminist perspective on the family – detailed class notes and evaluations covering the liberal feminist view that there is nothing wrong with the nuclear family structure as such, and that gender equality in society more generally is more important.

After the industrial revolution came the emergence of the industrial family (1800-1900), when children as young as 6 or 7 were sent to work in factories and down coal mines to bring money into the family home, however this brought about higher mortality rates because children weren’t as strong as adults. Is it acceptable to include friends, or pets as part of your definition . Thank you for your help. The AQA’s specification criteria for this families and households topic are quite clumsy – in bold below… I’ve mapped out in italics how my own structure above covers the specification criteria below…. I will then go onto explaining how children’s roles and the roles and relationships have changed within the family over time, and give a brief overview of how the family in today’s society has changed through diversity and multi-cultural structures. %���� I am doing GCSE A level will this site cover its specifications ? However in answer to this question, a family can be the nuclear or extended type of family, which are 2 or 3 generations living under one roof. A household is more easily explained: a group of people who live together, regardless of whether there are any kinship ties. Is it possible to only buy the essay plans and tips? How should measure equality in relationships? The Personal Life Perspective on the family – Personal Life thinkers believe we need to understand the family from the perspective of the individuals within the family.

Surveys on family life in the UK – I like A-level sociology to be data-led – this post presents the results on four surveys on different aspects of family life in the UK, with some thoughts on the strengths and limitations of the data. If I can, what are you looking for specifically? Please? Official Statistics on family and household diversity – trends 2016 update.

This type of family within society is also seen by feminists as the key institution in its contribution to maintaining social control. Can we purchase only the essay plans and essay tips? Band4 13–16 The consequences of an ageing population – mind map covering factors such the increasing dependency ratio and the increasing ‘strain’ on public services. Glad you like the revision books. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. The man’s role was the Instrumental role because he went out to work to provide financial security for his family. Explaining the long term decline of the death rate -life expectancy has been increasing, hence the death rate has been declining. And is everything here that I will need for my As sociology families and house holds exam? In conclusion, All families are also households, but not all households are families. Have decided to teach myself all about the family and this website has been a life saver at giving me all the topics I need to cover thankyou so much! Migration and its consequences for family life – very detailed class notes focusing on mainly the long term and short term patterns in migration to Britain and the consequences of this for social and family life. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. In old age, the person might live in a single-person household due to divorce or departure of the spouse.

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An increase in divorce rates could pave the way for an increase in single-person households. Explaining the increase in family diversity part 1/3 – detailed class notes covering changing patterns of marriage and divorce, postmodernisation and economic factors. Murdock surveyed 250 societies from the small hunting tribes to the large industrialised societies. For this reason I will explain the question in two parts.


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