Hier kann man mal schnell nach der Session den Hals reinigen und pflegen.

Adjust the fine tuners on the bridge to sit in the center of their overall travel. i. Remember, string height is ultimately determined by your preference and playing style. Re-tighten the thumbwheel screw to secure the string in the tuner post. Die Speicherung der Daten bei Econda erfolgt anonymisiert. De-tune all strings. Tune any string to pitch using the 12th fret harmonic.

By selecting a region, the language as well as the currency of the online shop is changed. If a string buzzes on an open string to the 5th fret and no higher, more relief is needed. Follow setup instructions for a hardtail guitar: The John Petrucci 7-string guitar (including BFR 7, JPX 7, JPXI 7, JP12 7, JP13 7, JP15 7 and Majesty 7) RPS-10 Slinkys (10-46) with an added .56 nickelwound for the low B string. So macht Pflege Spaß :), allerdings riechen sie nicht unbedingt angenehm. c. If the action is high, a thicker shim is needed in the neck pocket. If there is no gap, loosen the truss rod adjustment wheel until one appears. Set the bridge plate Full string tension, tuned to exact pitch, is not necessary. If the front edge of the plate contacts the face of the body near the pivot screws, raise the bridge slightly until it moves unimpeded. b. If the neck is very dirty, you can use a small amount of Murphy's Oil Soap, diluted 3:1 with water, to clean it. 2,90 € 7851 . Tension is only placed on the inner 4 strings as to not permanently nick the outer strings while adjusting the pivot screws. Completely loosen one tuner, and completely tighten the next. We offer the JP6 and JP7 as left-handed models. Wonder Wipes Combo 6-pack of individually sealed instrument care wipes. If the bridge plate begins to lift out of the recess, more spring tension is needed. ii. 4. (innerhalb Deutschland). Piezo pickups use crystals that generate a signal when you pick the string. It will likely take several attempts to get the bridge at the correct angle to achieve a perfect 1.5 step bend. Generally, 9-42 string sets will use two springs. The locking tremolo's saddles are held in place by 2.5mm hex drive screws at the front of the saddle. The bulk of this guide is intended to check all the metaphorical boxes of settings that should already be correct on most guitars and not require any adjustment.

1. The trick here is to keep holding the knob. When the signal returns, the LED on the battery box will pulse blue once for Mono or twice blue for Stereo.

Move the saddle to the desired location and re-tighten the screw. Es werden dabei keine personenbezogenen Daten an Google übermittelt. If the A# note is sharp, the bridge plate needs to be lower/less angled off the body. Tool kit includes Microfiber Polish Cloth, Wonder Wipes, Heavy Duty String Cutter, Peg Winder, 6-in-1 Screwdriver, Ruler, and durable Hex Wrench Set. Set the bridge plate

Original Author: Steiner666 . The StingRay is more of a traditional bass with active electronics that gives players a great all-around feel and sound.

Sterling by Music Man is a separate line of instruments licensed by Ernie Ball Music Man and built overseas by Praxis Musical. a. Spray on the cloth and wipe off in a circular motion for a streak free shine. Lay the guitar down flat, facing up. is to email our customer service team at [email protected], Yes our phone hours are: Mon-Thursday: 9AM - 4PM PST, Friday: 9AM - 3:30PM PST.
Place a folded piece of cardboard between the bridge's string lock screws and body. The Luke tremolo is set floating at an angle off the body. They are also much more expensive than nitrocellulose. Luke, Luke 3, BFR Luke, BFR Luke 3: RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239 Orders placed after our cutoff time will ship the next business day, Some orders may be held for verification and may cause a delay, The shipping company will call you to schedule your delivery date and time, Someone will need to be home to receive the package, Be sure you have measured your entryway and have help available to carry the item in. If the buzzing happens throughout the neck, the string height needs to be increased. – ggf. iv. Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen. 3. The Ernie Ball Wonder Wipe Fretboard Conditioner 6-pack includes 6 individually wrapped Wonder Wipes for fretboard.


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On an maple neck, some discoloration after many hours of playing is normal. Factory String heights for a 4 string bass are: Bass side 3/32" to 7/64" Treble side: 5/64" to 7/64" from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the string. i.


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