The FLIR Lepton® Thermal Camera Breakout Board is an easy-to-interface evaluation board to quickly connect the FLIR Lepton camera module to common platforms like RaspberryPi* or custom hardware. All you need to do to get this kit set up, simply attach the Lepton® imager module into … This kit includes a breakout as well as the Lepton® 2.5 longwave infrared (LWIR) imager. This will enable i2c and spi after the Raspberry Pi is rebooted. With the FLIR Radiometric Lepton® Dev Kit v2 you will be able to bring FLIR's thermal imaging reliability and power to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any ARM based development tool all in an easy to access breadboard friendly package. sudo reboot. After this part your Raspberry Pi is ready for use FLIR Lepton thermal camera software [edit | edit source] When the installation of Raspbian is finished, it is time to install the FLIR Lepton thermal camera software. Setting up the Raspberry Pi. FLIR Lepton is a revolutionary longwave infrared (LWIR) imager that is ten times less expensive than traditional thermal cameras, making it the perfect core for your prototype. You will need to reboot the RaspberryPi for the changes to config.txt to take effect. Alongside uncommenting these, you will also need to add the following line: dtoverlay=flir-lepton-00A0. It provides onboard power supplies, generated from 3 – 5.5V, and a master clock. 3 Take out your raspberry pi. If you need a refresher on how the GPIO pins are oriented, visit our Raspberry Pi GPIO tutorial . It’s available in multiple options available in 80x60 and 160x120 resolution. Once the Pi has rebooted, you will need to install the module. 2 Plug in the Monitor to a wall outlet using the monitor’s power cable and turn it on. This will enable the overlay you just built. Connect the FLIR breakout to the Raspberry Pi GPIO according to the diagram below. 1 Gather materials. Click in the icon showed in the picture below: 7 Attach Lepton camera to bread board such that it is facing outwards and that the pins occupy rows 1-8 as shown below. Make sure that your Lepton module is securely snapped into the socket on the breakout board. We are using Pure Engineering code to run the Lepton Now, you need to open the LXTerminal, where you will type your commands.


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