These beautiful bud vases are a very subtle nod to the series’ most troubled and surprising character, and since most test tube vases are made from reclaimed materials, you’re sure to have a unique conversation piece as well. How Would Harry Potter Characters Decorate Their Homes in 2020? Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? As much as I love these chairs, you could probably find something similar in a local used furniture shop for a little cheaper. Instead, aim for simple touches that evoke a Victorian world with a slight industrial edge—they’ll feel whimsical and modern without the heaviness of Hogwarts’ medieval style. (Houzz, $40 and $70), Owls–and other animal prints–are a chic way to class up the tattered “Goblet of Fire” poster that’s been Scotch-taped to the closet door at your parents’ house for so long that it’s practically become fused there. (Etsy, $108), Hogwarts dorms are what I always hoped college would be–a cozy retreat from the chaos. (Wayfair), These lights are officially on my wish list, although they’re probably not feasible in a rental. The key is to go for a chair that’s as eye-catching as it is comfortable, and a luxe fabric like velvet will transform a functional piece into something special. . POPSUGAR has affiliate and advertising partnerships so we get revenue from sharing this content and from your purchase. So if your child is begging for a room with a Hogwarts theme, it might actually be a good idea to decorate. Get your daily life hack right in your inbox. Some people go crazy fancy with it and include little owl stuffed animals and such. 1 day ago, by Chanel Vargas (Etsy, $299). And as a disclaimer, some of these pieces are the stuff of dreamy wish lists, but if you hunt around second hand stores long enough, you can find similar pieces for a price that won’t drain your Gringotts account. I’m totally blown away by the over 50 more magical Harry Potter projects that were shared as a part of my Happy Harry Potter series this year! Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids easy & fun ... the perfect Harry Potter room … Our site uses cookies. These beads have a fun marbled look. DIY Harry Potter Crafts & Ideas. It doesn’t look like the Harry Potter craze will be dying down any time soon. If owls aren’t your thing, your Patronus is a 100% acceptable substitute. Shop Pottery Barn Kids Collection Show off your HOGWARTS™ pride and spellbinding kitchen skills with aprons and … Owls–and other animal prints–are a chic way to class up the tattered “Goblet of Fire” poster that’s been Scotch-taped to the closet door at your parents’ house for so long that it’s practically become fused there. CROCHET OWL RUG. While J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter book series as a set of children's stories, there are countless devoted fans who are adults, as well. There’s a million ways to hand out Harry Potter party invitations. They’re stylish and functional, perfect for storing extra blankets or clothes that are out of season. It doesn’t look like the Harry Potter craze will be dying down any time soon. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above Plus, deciphering Ikea instructions is an unavoidable rite of passage into adulthood. The method you choose is up to you. The trick to scoring the Harry Potter bedroom of your dreams is choosing classic pieces that can be mixed into a new style as your tastes evolve. Make a wine charm. That worked for my party since I only had about a week and a half to prepare. I’ve seen some fantastic chairs like this one at our local Habitat for Humanity shop. So here’s the situation: You’re a lifelong Harry Potter fanatic, but you’re moving out into the world with a brand new, adulty apartment that you can’t wait to decorate. And how much do they look like Snitches?! Curl up with some Frozen Butterbeer and a House Elf Puff because these projects will … Put Harry Potter things around your room such as the things mentioned in the tips. Loop one into a leather cord and use as a necklace or bracelet. A simple metal frame with a head- and footboard can evoke an English boarding school in the comfort of your bedroom. Tumblr. In reality, life rarely offers black and white choices, and you can most certainly have your Cauldron Cake and eat it too. If you do want to … Faux FIRE Basket Prop How-To's. MIONEBOOKWORM. by Maya Richard-Craven More than a decade has passed since the last Harry Potter book was released, but the Harry Potter fan base remains strong. Slim and refined, they’re a grown up version of fairy lights that can bring a touch of personality into any room. As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. Easy Harry Potter Crafts for kids and adults. 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