Voting is how we directly impact what kind of society we'd like to create together. Get our newsletter, event invites, plus product insights and research. Based on our data, aggregated from 1,500 customers worldwide, we can see that there is still work to be done in achieving gender diversity. Receive the latest in news and industry updates. Researchers have observed that women have stronger skills reading non-verbal cues . We also found that women are much less likely than men to believe their perspective will be included in decision making at their company. This creates more innovation and collaboration that impacts business goals. There are a number of reasons for this and office executives and HR teams should pay attention to the success and accomplishments of their female colleagues with greater scrutiny, in order to ensure that deserving women are promoted at the same rate as their male peers. The following steps are a great way to approach this big task in a manageable way. The freedom of expression without fear also empowers companies to not just … Promote women According to Smart Company, generally speaking, women are perhaps less comfortable putting themselves forward for promotion, despite often being more than qualified. When it comes to supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, don’t play favorites, practice basic courtesy, and pay special attention to how you can embrace non-discriminatory practices and policies. Looking for ways to celebrate and reflect on the cultural achievements of women? Do you treat people across the gender spectrum equally? At this stage, the IDC should begin conducting periodic evaluations of the policies and practices implemented thus far, assessing their impact on gender balance. It appears to have worked, as the number of women in leadership doubled to hit the 28% recently reported. Rethinking your job descriptions with these tips in mind can get you one step closer to gender diversity. Sixty seven percent of candidates said that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. The lack of attention to gender diversity issues is even more concerning when one considers that gender parity is actually financially advantageous for companies. Rather than waiting around for talent to come to you, proactively source a gender diverse pipeline. To move toward closing the gap, HR departments should ensure that wage inequality is stamped out in their own companies. As The Guardian asserted, in the past employers have tended to assume that female employees exclusively shoulder the responsibility of childcare, but working fathers need to be recognized too. Below is a quick guide to some of the most effective strategies: “Currently, women only earn what their male counterparts did 10 years ago.”. For instance, when recruiters only have appearance to go by, both males and females are twice as likely to hire a man than a woman. Exit interviews are useful to understand why people are leaving, so you can improve the ways in which you hire and retain talent. The three-month program was held at Etsy’s offices and was balanced between male and female participants. In 2011, they started the Women’s Initiative Network to encourage women to continue working at eBay until they moved into leadership roles. Here are some tips to get started: Before attempting to hire for gender diversity, look within and evaluate your company culture. Imagine the bias that first impression can carry through the recruitment process. This should also be widely promoted – organizations should make it clear that wage equality is a top concern. The world has changed a lot over the past six months. Various workshops can be orchestrated to deal with this complex issue. People with different backgrounds and experiences, who come together as a team, can develop innovative ideas that will keep your company alive and thriving. A formal employee compensation strategy can help. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these are all things you should consider when working toward gender diversity in the workplace.


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