Many state pay close to minimum wage for a registered vet tech. A dog with depression might start tearing up the couch or growling when you touch it. Dr. Nielsen, who considers guinea pigs to be one of her favorite pets to treat, explains, “with guinea pigs and other small ones, sometimes you have to get creative in helping them, and you are not always sure it will work.”, Dr. Nielsen says that it’s this kind of challenge, and the successful treatment outcomes, that are “what makes the job so worthwhile and means no day will ever be boring.”. It meant researching different universities’ pre-vet requirements, then excelling in a rigorous undergraduate curriculum of biology, calculus, chemistry, organic chemistry and more. He even incorporated Alison’s name into the name of his practice as a tribute to her spirit in serving the pets and people of Brooklyn. I can imagine the shock of my professor when he found out that public dissection is not appropriate for the masses. “But if giving that little something to take the edge off helps them live a more comfortable life, there’s no shame in that game.” Watch out for these other silent signs your “healthy” dog is actually sick. “The balance of life is very important in this [line of] work because there is often so much compassion fatigue,” says Dr. Nielsen. Change can be tough for animals, and your dog might feel depressed while it gets used to its new environment, says Hartstein. “What people don’t know about vets is that we specialize in everything and anything, whether it’s dental issues or an eye problem or cancer,” says Dr. Alex Klein of Alison Animal Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. I was thinking of going into criminal justice or veterinary school years ago, but I went into the path of being a registered nurse which I now am. Emotional blackmail. I had done this only a couple of times before. Dr. Nielsen never planned to be a veterinarian. Josh Hestermann “ Veterinary practice, of course, has its sad life. In return, they benefit from seeing the difference their care makes in the lives of their patients and their owners, and in enjoying a career with a positive outlook. Once it was done, I laid the two dogs side-by-side on the table and covered them with a blanket to the chin. My middle school self must not have been very pleasant to be around. But I honestly didn’t think I could handle the not-so-pretty aspects of veterinary medicine, like surgery (gross!) According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of veterinarian jobs in the United States is projected to grow 16 percent from 2019 to 2029. I mean, I could have forced myself, but I hear that messes people up pretty badly. The diagnosis could now be made. Dogs need space to run around and might become sad if they haven’t been given the chance. 7. My smallest patient is a 3.5-pound Maltese who hides her head in the crook of her mom’s arm when I come into the room. A depressed or sad dog won’t have the same energy levels that it used to, and its usual playtime and exercise won’t excite your pet as much. Here’s what you should know if you’ve always wanted to become a veterinarian. The 33-year-old veterinarian was wracked with student debt and worn down by the daily demands at work, which included euthanizing dogs and cats and being … “Veterinarians devote their lives to providing care for and saving the lives of animals. If you’re reading this, you probably love animals, and you might have said at some point as a kid, “I should be a vet!”. Why is it so hard to get an appointment with your vet right now? Caribbean schools offer an easier entrance, but tuition can be costlier and you have to give up your location and possibly social affairs to do this. I didn’t see that client again at my clinic. There are many reasons a veterinarian career is worthwhile. “We don’t want all our dogs walking around on Zoloft if we don’t have to, and oftentimes we don’t need to,” says Dr. Nelson. When I was in middle school and I told my mother that I wanted to be a veterinarian, she told me that was a good career choice for me because I wasn’t good with people. It is called “ADR” — Ain’t Doin’ Right. Being a veterinary technician is a career of choice, a career of passion, hard work and sacrifice, but I can assure you, nobody is in it for the money.


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