(Jaspers, 1958b: p. 72). Jaspers' four, later five, limit situations are defined and their possible impact on existence and life course is exemplified. “We are always in situations. 169-170), of the unconditioned Being itself. Follow Existential Pragnanz on WordPress.com, License Creative Commons Atribución-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional. Transitional passages of the resolution of limit situations under guidance of psychotherapy are discussed. In A. Hügli, D. Kaegi, & B. Weidmann (Eds.). The situations that make possible the fall of the layers of the ego and the emergence of Being itself as a resolution by the will that wants itself, are called limit situations. 422-423). (Shotter, 2001: p. 57), mutatis mutandi, not in the cognitive sense but in the sense of self appropriation of the possibilities of my being there. Jaspers’ four, later five, limit situations are defined and their possible impact on existence and life course is exemplified. to the sphere of that which is, Psychiatrische Klinik, Ruprecht-Karls Universität, Translator’s note: due to the importance and complexity of Jaspers’ con-, cept ‘Existenz’, I leave it untranslated and capitalized in the following to sig-, nify that it communicates a state of conscious being that transcends the basic. Thus, according to (2009). If they are lost they never return. It is suffered not constellated and it requires taking a stance. ( Log Out /  Developmental versus destructive impacts of limit situations are distinguished. Regarding freedom and necessity, on one hand, the self passes into debauchery and on the other, the being there floods with its empirical needs without allowing the ego to develop elaborate intellections. (Jaspers, 1958a: p. 451), in the reserve, if this is not noble, being the product of shelter in a great idea, the possibility of self-confinement is given as slavery In fact, the oceanic feeling from which the image of God emerges as the surrounding Time is properly a limit situation, although not considered by Jaspers, it does comply with presenting itself against the existing empirical as an existential limit, mainly in its present form, from which the existing empirical responds with an improper presentist time of waiting and forgetting its most characteristic possibility In M. Hautzinger & P. Pauli (Eds.). (Jaspers, 1958b: p. 71). Furthermore it is meant to contribute to better understanding of the salutogenetic mechanisms of psychotherapeutic crisis intervention. In other words, in the limit situation… “a personal solution is necessary to accustom which implies change or development [the limit situation is a] super-individual challenges intrinsic to existence, thus unavoidable, and requiring a personal response which engenders maturation” (Mundt, 2014: pp. There are paradigmatic ways of reacting to these antinomian structures of existence: insecurity, denial, or several forms of evading. Trauma research has evidenced that it matters whether it is man-made or caused incidentally (Fiedler. Thanks to Karl Jaspers we have the concept of situation, which he studied in cases of extreme situations. Die Bedeutung des „Wahnsinns“ für das „Genie“ in Selbstzeugnissen von Künstlern aus dem frühen 20. Elle ne proclame pas de valeurs. Only by entering these limit situations does it come into existence. For this purpose, the concept is, first explained in Jaspers’ sense and then related to an ‘exis-, tential vulnerability’ of mentally ill persons that makes them, experience even inconspicuous events as distressing limit, situations. Certainly, time as temporality is the unitary phenomenon, “The future that is being been and presents” (Jaspers, 1958b: p. 376), in spontaneity, in the decisive precursor action, or as (Heidegger, 2015: p. 304). 10.4236/ojpp.2020.101008, Being Itself, Limit Situation, Temporality and Existence as an Analytical Structure for Existencial Enlightenment, Escuela de Graduados, Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile. According to Jaspers (1960: p. 542), the norm or code from which self-consciousness is obtained “Always constitutes what this is in relation to which it is Being itself… the more image of God, the more Being itself; more Being itself, so much more image of God”. [4] Hans-Georg Gadamer considered the limit situation to provide a revelatory encounter with the other;[5] while facing the anxiety arising from the foreknowledge of death can equally prove a growth opportunity arising from a limit situation. Certainly, “in self-reflection [it] gets the ‘awareness’ of Being itself by which the infinite abstraction of everything external and this, Being itself is what drives forward in the whole process, by which a Being itself infinitely accepts his real itself with its difficulties and advantages” Altruism versus self-centredness in the personality of depressives in the 1950s and 1990s. In this dialectic, there are degrees of consciousness that tend towards the individual, the individual factual existence, the individualistic conscious individual existence and the individualistic doctrine; as well as degrees of consciousness that tend towards the universal, existence of factual mass, universal conscious humanity and universalist doctrine. (Jaspers, 1960: p. 541), that is to say, the self that reflects its being there is becoming reflective of it by actively objectifying its being there, in such a way that “The self becomes conscious of Being itself by intentionally addressing its empirical existence, as one that at the same time is two, which, even differing, remain, however, one (…), as the one in the present moment and as the one through the succession of time remembered or thought of as future”


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