Multinationals who are notorious for their super-exploitation of labour globally and for the devastation of the environment everywhere they go, are now embarking on ‘carewashing’ programmes. They’ve been offered no pay rises, nor even proper personal protective equipment, resulting in hundreds of preventable deaths among front-line health workers. As Segal told me, care “can be rewarding but only if you put sufficient time and imagination into it”. So let’s stop merely applauding front-line care and essential workers, and force those who can, whether in government (local and national), parliament, or business, to show they really mean it by insisting on radical systemic change whereby we have the resources to nurture and to build the necessary infrastructure to ensure the welfare and flourishing of human and non-human life. Read my colleague Tanmoy Goswami’s piece ‘The time has come to take the self out of self-care’, As The Care Manifesto puts it: “Dependence on care has been pathologised, rather than recognised as part of our human condition.”. She has published widely, her most recent book being Radical Happiness: Moments of Collective Joy. We also now know that the importance of caring extends well beyond that of hands-on care. Here are four problems with our golden age of self-care. The recording of SSAHE’s fourth webinar on the politics of care in times of Covid-19 is available below. enabling us all to take better care of the Earth; After all, care has been historically devalued not least due to its long association with the ‘feminine.’ Caretaking has been understood as women’s work, linked to the domestic sphere and women’s centrality in reproduction. Lynne Segal is Anniversary Professor at Birkbeck, University of London. Privacy policy, Facebook This, to be sure, is no easy task. carelessness Andreas Chatzidakis and Lynne Segal are members of The Care Collective. Taking care of a four-year-old while also responding to work-emails doesn’t do anyone any good. We need people to know that there are others who can support them, and with whom they can talk about these contradictions and conflicts.”. Join in conversation with correspondents, invited experts, and 20,000+ members from around the world by becoming a member today. But how should we understand a politics that prioritises care? might not feel like taking care at all. Contact us Search for solutions beyond borders, follow correspondents on their learning curve, and lend your own knowledge to the stories we tell – all with the best listening experience possible. “The welfare state in Britain She points to Trump, the US president, as the prime promoter of this kind of rugged individualism – taking off his face mask in front of the camera, telling US Americans not to fear Covid-19, and forever calling people either winners or losers, as if society were one big struggle for survival, rather than an intricate web of interdependence and mutual support. The result: It’s hard to be confronted with frailty and neediness and the vulnerability of the human body; it’s hard to put yourself aside and make yourself available to the unpredictable needs of another. The Care Manifesto: a slim, hot-pink volume that serves as an inoculation against In the past decades, neoliberal capitalism has drawn on this longer history of devaluation whilst reshaping and deepening it. This moment thus provides us with a critical opportunity: an opportunity to imagine and create a different world—not just in the immediate future but also in the longer term.


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