i have a propen x trick daddy trippy sticks cart just wondering if anyone has tried them and wants to share opinions. If its dark beware it can be a lower quality THC oil. Lead was detected as the material used for the Mario cart cartridge. Those are legit brands too. A vape cartridge from a reputable brand retails for around $60 per gram in California, while fake cartridges cost between $20 and $45 per gram. We reached out to them and Leafly, but there’s no response yet.

If there real or fake? I’ve seen Apollo Grown carts turn black after a while is it fake? Namely, we highly doubt the legitimacy of Exotic carts as a company. No, but it can force an extra few coughs. That’s what mine say. Can’t vouch for the quality tho. Fake Exotic carts are everywhere. Often, there are misspellings or grammatical errors found on many fake THC cartridges packaging. Mario Carts cartridge stems are strong metal with dual absorption pores at the base. Comes in a black rectangular box, with a sticker regarding composition and THC percentage… Carts themselves say either iKrusher or iKrusher 03. I’ve never gotten sick or anything, but still really can’t find the brand promoted in any legit dispensary. We can’t be sure that the product is pure. Great I just brought 4 of these things!! I’m so confused?¿. You have entered an incorrect email address! Glue inside cartridges is always a concern but Mario Carts don’t use any.

Its possible to buy empty Mario carts packaging and cartridges from a vast amount of sellers who reside in China. Check out our THC cartridge page now, and you’ll know you’re getting the real deal. What if it has ccell engraved on the side of cartridge and only has 3 win and c1790 engraved on the bottom? So even tho it was fake, whoever made it did a good job…risky tho, This past week I have gone through 4 carts of the exotic vapes [2 Pinapple Express-2 strawberry shortcake] and this is what I learned… first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t getting the job done lol as they would. We can report that the Mario Carts Ghost OG cartridge follows this description to a tee. As we get more information we will keep updating this post.

Still, our final analysis must recommend against them. I know someone that works with legit ones. If it’s a real CCELL, it means it uses good hardware. A vape cartridge from a reputable brand retails for around $60 per gram in California, while fake cartridges cost between $20 and $45 per gram. Im glad to have a great plugs from the WestCoast that get nothing but the best. With exotic carts there is one sign that they posted on their site that happens to be a dead ringer. So the ones that have the aLd I Krusher on the inside are those fake cartdriges? There are a lot of fake Mario cartridges and there’s no clear way of determining which are fake and which are genuine. Let’s take a look at the three main strengths of this cartridge brand: However, there are a few negative points too, which may outweigh the advantages. Have you found anything more? Why do you have to sale the four you bought ? If the mouth piece is removable, you’ll be able to see 3 silicone rings on the bottom of the mouthpiece, the top of the airway and the bottom of the airway within the cartridge. Purpl Pro: New Mini Testing Machine for Cannabis Potency, Stiiizy Sliver Line Review – Better Than Stiiizy Distillate Pods, GTI Rythm Pez Vape Pen Review – Complete Vape Pen Setup, Deep Roots Harvest Cart Review – Strong Distillate, But Expensive, Dimension 8 Review – Most Tasteful Delta 8 Cartridge Yet To Try, West Coast Cure Fresh Press Review – Expensive, But Worth The Price, https://makeon.en.made-in-china.com/product/ysonvpMVEchm/China-10-Flavors-of-Mario-Carts-Atomizer-Thc-Oil-Ikrusher-Cartridges.html, Main reasons are that we can’t prove that the company is legitimate and that there aren’t any contaminants in the cartridges. Its possible to buy empty Mario carts packaging and cartridges from a vast amount of sellers who reside in China. My back isn’t holographic but it has a red eye logo on the bottom right front corner that is Holo has exotic carts engraved on the inside coil and came with an exotic carts cardboard laminated token on the inside of the ziplock? Crystal clear cartridges, Yoshi carts? Although sometimes it may be hard to tell, some cartridges may look exactly the same as the legit ones. There is no factory seal on the bags they put the cartridges in just a Ziploc it’s supposed to have a seal over top the Ziploc it does not cannot be real they would’ve sealed it with the heat sealer to keep tampering Much harder if it only has a Ziploc it’s not completely sealed it needs to have a factory seal above the Ziploc. But in my experience, I’ve never received a CCELL or any cart for that matter without this plastic cover. For materials: there is the metal mouthpiece, glass tube, inner metal receiver, and metal base.

I’m 99% sure the cereal is fake and now I’m thinking the exotic is too.

I believe. save. I have one Smart Cart, and plenty of dank vapes ( all empty) I have one Chronic Cart I got lost night called sundae driver. When you actually vape the cartridges, you can get some pretty big hits, although you’ll need a more extended intake if you want to produce big clouds.

It’s not in their best interest to produce shit. China sellers ALWAYS steal photos of the real thing. Howeever we think Cannaclear might be a street brand or it might be just packaging. On the back of the package, Mario Carts states a THC composition between 83-87 percent. Second, Mario Carts doesn’t provide a website. I’ve got htfss tko choco lope, and tko grape diesel great packaging but all the labels are off on each 10 box carts are diff sizes , carts some rattle in the cart container some don’t some feel bigger than some ,the weight is off the oil bubble act diff from one another some go fast some burn slow but all I taste is like popuri scent not thc but my source is official he swears they came from disp in Cali but I’m starting to doubt the authenticity, Not a disposable, definitely not from a legit Cali dispensary, Packaging on my tkos are very official but no percentages or labels or numbers and they screw on mouth piece. Posted by 3 years ago. Because real THC cartridges endure rigorous testing through state-licensed facilities, consumers have assurance of quality and safety from ‘real’ THC cartridges. Have not heard of them but if they are using iKrusher that’s a good sign, decent quality carts, U want to c krusher that’s a.real good startups a couple of other things. If you’re not even coppin a buzz then it’s fake!! Manufacturers are creating identical duplicates and not only selling them empty, but also with fake branded cartridges.

Some of these fake carts seem to have a very thin, waxy consistency.

What’s The Worry With Fake THC Cartridges? Like, Vitamin E acetate which is used to ‘cut’ the actual cannabis content in fake THC cartridges. Overall, to avoid fake THC cartridges – trust your instincts, and your vendor. Without a concern about overpricing, the issue comes down to this. To avoid this discrepancy, you can request a certificate of analysis from the seller, that should confirm testing results. One cereAl and one exotic. idk if its real or fake. As for the concentrate, it would be hard to tell a difference with the cheap packaging and lack of lab results. This thread is archived.


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