I do think it would be fun to go after the rock and willow ptarmigan (which I have never seen), but honestly given my limited time and resources, I think I would rather just go after chukar, huns or sharptails in new places to me, or even places I have hunted them before and enjoy. White-Cheeked Pintail47. While some of my more hard core hunts have been 1X1 or solo hunts, I sure do enjoy going on some of my hunting adventures with a good friend. Today, the Grand Slam Club is much, much more. thats a loaded question, if I HAD to pick four as the USA slam, I think it'd have to be, ( in my opinion, snowcock is the equivalent of getting a desert bighorn sheep through a public drawing, it's not a realistic hunt for 95% of people and is only one place. Personally I'd subdivide the quail... the variety is 1/2 the fun. They vast majority don't use or recommend dogs, I do know of one guy that had his dogs point them, but even he said it was extremely lucky. Copyright © 2014-2019 | THE ULTIMATE WATERFOWLERS CHALLENGE | REFUND POLICY | POWERED BY VISUAL WEB GROUP, BECOMING A CERTIFIED MASTER WATERFOWL HUNTER. FORMS >>SIGN UP TODAY SPECIES REGISTRATION GRANDFATHER CLAUSE GOLD MEMBER SUBMISSION INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATIONSPECIES LISTRULES & REGULATIONSVALUE OF THE CHALLENGEBRAG'N BOARDENEWSLETTER SIGN UP, WATERFOWL TITLES >>CERTIFIED JOURNEYMAN CERTIFIED MASTER CERTIFIED MASTER ELITE CERTIFIED GRAND MASTER, THE GREAT 8 HUNTSENDORSED TAXIDERMISTSAMERICAN WATERFOWL MAGSILLOSOCK DECOYSDELTA WATERFOWLFALLEN OUTDOORSUWC OFFICIAL SPECIES LIST >>, PUDDLE DUCK DIVISIONMALLARDNORTHERN PINTAILAMERICAN WIGEONGADWALLNORTHERN SHOVELERGREEN-WINGED TEALBLUE-WINGED TEALCINNAMON TEALWOOD DUCKAMERICAN BLACK DUCKMOTTLED DUCKBLACK BELLIED WHISTLING DUCKFULVOUS WHISTLING DUCKDIVER DUCK & MERGANSER DIVISIONCANVASBACKREDHEADGREATER SCAUPLESSER SCAUPCOMMON GOLDENEYEBARROW'S GOLDENEYERUDDY DUCKBUFFLEHEADRING-NECKED DUCKHOODED MERGANSERCOMMON MERGANSERRED-BREASTED MERGANSERSEA DUCK DIVISIONKING EIDERCOMMON EIDEROLD SQUAWHARLEQUIN DUCK COMMON (BLACK) SCOTERSURF SCOTERWHITE-WINGED SCOTERGEESE, SWANS & CRANE DIVISIONTUNDRA SWANSANDHILL CRANECANADA GOOSECACKLING CANADA GOOSESNOW GOOSEBLUE GOOSEROSS'S GOOSEWHITE-FRONTED GOOSEBRANT GOOSEBONUS WATERFOWL DIVISIONEMPEROR GOOSEEurasian WigeonTufted DuckMexican DuckEurasian TealWhite-CheeCked PintailMasked DuckBlue-Phased Ross's GooseBarnacle GoosePink-Footed GooseAny Hybrid Species Of Waterfowl. Photo Right: Tom poses with expert bowhunter Ricardo Longoria after receiving his SCI World Hunting Award ring.

Most guys leave out species like Himalayan snow cock, chachalaca and ptarmigan. King Eider27. Well, I suppose there are a lot of variables here. Photo Right: Tom signs a P&Y record book for a youngster at the 50th Anniversary Convention in Rochester, Minnesota.JOIN P&Y CLUB, WORLD HUNTING AWARDLike GSCO and the Pope & Young Club, Safari Club International is a must join organization for the Adventure Bowhunter. © 2020 Upland Journal

I read the bucket list thread with keen interest; it seems, the older you get the more you see the bucket... My bucket list is to get the Grand Slam; over years of hunting, Ive taken a good number of the species. The Grand Slam Club requires membership to register trophies but offers a fantastic FREE plaque to members that achieve the GRAND SLAM.Dr. Photo Right: Tom is awarded his Archery Super Ten award by GSCO board members Keith Hite and Dale Martin.JOIN GSCOREGISTER YOUR ANIMAL, In 1956, Arizona businessman Bob Housholder began tracking hunters who pursued North America's Wild sheep. I recall we used to refer to the "Slam" after bagging Cottontail,Pheasant Grouse, WoodCock, here in Michigan, It usually ended with call the Dude's Buying!! The species listed below are the most common additional waterfowl species that may be found in North America and are eligible to assist in attaining both the Master Waterfowl Hunter Certification and the Master Elite Waterfowl Hunter Certification. Blue Phased Ross Goose49. Where do you stand in your quest for the Super Ten?

Canadian Slam — Harvesting the Eastern and Merriam’s in any Canadian province (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta or British Colombia) Mexican Slam — Rio Grande, Gould’s and ocellated wild turkey harvested in Mexico only. See Tom Hoffman's Biography and learn more about him in Tom Miranda's ADVENTURE BOWHUNTER DVD SET. purple gallinule? I took my Columbia Blacktail Deer about an hour west of Eureka, California.

I want to get rolling, but I don't want to take too much time and devotion from Holly - I'm sentimental that way. These are: bears, cats, deer, elk, caribou, moose, bison/muskox, goat, antelope and sheep.


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