But, as with any plant or fruit, we must keep a close eye to make sure it’s growing properly and healthily. Make sure to cut at least 10 cm below swellings. © 2020 Reader’s Digest Magazines Ltd. - All rights reserved, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), This site uses “cookies” for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. Fruits have brown powdery masses. Spray foliage with Bordeaux mixture in midsummer, late summer, and midautumn. Leaves have pale or reddish mottling and may fall prematurely. Stems and sometimes small branches die back. Plant resistant varieties. This wild plum tree is native to Canada and will pollinate American and Asian plum trees. Smoky black knots (galls) on twigs and limbs, which range in size from 1 to 30 cm. To kill eggs, spray with dormant oil while trees are dormant in winter. Root out and destroy infected plants. Paint all wounds with Bordeaux mixture. Pick up and dispose of fallen fruit daily. Also, summer oil can be sprayed as contact control in late spring when new scales (“crawlers”) appear. Spray with insecticidal soap in summer. Once petals start to fall, each day spread a sheet below the tree and hit the tree trunk with a padded stick; collect and destroy the curculios that fall onto the sheet. Prune and destroy badly cankered twigs. Apply streptomycin spray at early bloom stage. Buy fruit trees online that come in a variety of colors like green, gold, red, purple, and blue. Plant virus-free stock. Plum trees are delicious, summer fruiting plants that are delightful for fresh eating and with some varieties, drying as Prunes. Destroy affected plants. Cut out infected branches in midsummer. Cankers arise on branches. Plum trees are delicious, summer fruiting plants that are delightful for fresh eating and with some varieties, drying as Prunes. There are over a hundred varieties of plums currently growing in Canada. No effective control. Repeat when flower shucks split, then weekly for 2 wk. Control of insects tends to reduce spread of disease. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Ideal for jams and jellies too. By appointment only 5094 route 125 Rawdon, Quebec Canada J0K 1S0 514-418-4109. The Canadian plum (Prunus nigra) is native, but it is also the best plum tree to use as a pollinator for hybrid plum trees. Collect and dispose of fallen leaves. Large protuberances at soil line may girdle and kill entire tree. Leaves turn brown and look burned, hang down from the branch, but do not fall. Leaves, twigs, and fruits develop small spots that range in colour from pale green to deep purple or brown. Be sure to prune out badly infected branches. Fruits may crack; twig cankers may develop. Small crescent-shaped scars on fruit, which drop early. Some of these are commerical, others are experimental and of course most are in our own gardens. European Plums will produce some fruit on their own, but will produce far more if pollinated by another European Plum in the area. Carefully timed sprays of horticultural oil will kill these aphids as they hatch. Many varieties exist including Green Gages, Damsons, Plums and Italian Prunes. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? Continue for 3 wk. Test soil to determine whether addition of lime is necessary. Some of these are commerical, others are experimental and of course most are in our own gardens. Bonjour Veronique! Destroy infected leaves. Availability is subject to change without prior notice. Small fungi appear on deadwood. It is the plum tree that offers the longest pollination period, starting its flowers with the very first flowering plum tree varieties, and lasting as long as the last days of the latest flowering plum tree varieties. We recommend our users to update the browser. Height Availability Price Quantity Subtotal; 3-5 Feet: sold-out: $40.00 $ 0.00: Leaves have silvery sheen. Pick up fallen fruits frequently. Plant resistant cultivars, such as ‘President’ and ‘Shiro’. Plant lacks vigor. Spray with sulfur at preblossom stage. When infected branches are cut out, wood shows dark brown staining. Narrow strap-shaped leaves are brittle, thick, and coarsely wrinkled. Spray with Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki as soon as damage is noticed. A foliar feed may hasten recovery. Or, apply neem when aphids are seen on leaves. Plums are adaptable and hardy, making them the second most popular fruit to grow (next to apples) in Canadian gardens. We strive to keep all online pricing as accurate as possible. To review this information or withdraw your consent please consult the, 15 Low-Light Houseplants That Thrive in Near Darkness, 10 Hardy Indoor Plants You (Probably) Can’t Kill, 12 Ways to Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Fall.


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