Lord, I await Your coming! 21 Easter Prayers to Celebrate the Holy Day, 20 Powerful Prayers for Healing and Strength, 30 Prayers for Peace to Keep You Centered. Prayer for Children, Young or Adult Daily Prayer for children, young or adult. My body aches, I’m blessed to have medication. I thank You for the master plan that You had for my child because she is a light shining in the darkness in this world. That I may be a better mother and not lose patience so fast with them..

You are my reason for being. The list goes on, but #1 is, even when I struggle, I am blessed to have faith. I pray this prayer over my daughters niah and norie in jesus name amen. Giving them courage to endure, knowing that there is a crown of rejoicing that awaits them at the appearance of their Lord and Saviour, when He appears at His coming. Protection Prayer Jesus, King of kings, You are my child’s shepherd. I pray that You continue to be the strength of my child’s life. Don’t forget to send us a prayer request so that we can join you in prayer for a person in need of protection.

All day long, let me proclaim Your loving-kindness and tender mercies, which are new every morning, for You are my Saviour and Redeemer and great is Your faithfulness. So I give these heavy concerns to you. Keep me Lord, under the protection of Your love and listen to my cry, for You alone are my strength and my stay. A Prayer for Adult Children: I’ve divided these requests into sections that form an acrostic—A.D.U.L.T.—to make them easier to remember… A is for Attitude. Keywords: prayers, Catholic prayers, morning prayer, day prayer, prayer, Bible, Church, top 10, list. Rest thy weary ones. They taught me of You from being a child, and I cannot thank You enough for placing me in a family that knows and loves You. Finishing your day with a night prayer can ease your stress and help you find a peaceful mind before bed. Bless our words and conversation. Mother’s Fruit of the Womb Prayer Righteous God, thank You for blessing me with a child. Soon, it’ll become a nightly routine and you’ll be ready to take on each day and the challenges that come with it. 10 Powerful Prayers for Healing and Change. Now, I lay me down to rest, I thank the Lord; my life is blessed. Bedtime Prayer Against Anxiety Dear Lord Jesus it seems that the problems and anxieties of life that I am going through, always seem to multiply and magnify during the night time hours. God, my friend, it is time for bed.Time to rest my sleepy head.I pray to you before I do.Please guide me down the path that's true. Amen.

They will obedient to Your will, and great shall be their peace and undisturbed composure. Praise Your glorious name for ever and ever,Amen. I’ve no reason to beg or plead. Even though you may have started your day off with a cup of coffee and a meaningful prayer, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the chaos and stress of the day, forcing you to end it on a low note. O Lord God Almighty, as You have taught us to call the evening, the morning, and the noonday one day; and have made the sun to know its going down: Dispel the darkness of our hearts, that by Your brightness we may know You to be the true God and eternal light, living and reigning for ever and ever. Amen. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen. My days are filled with skies of blue, my nights are filled with sweet dreams, too. A Prayer to Prepare Our Heart for Christ’s Coming Father, just as You sent John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus, help me to clear the path in my heart, too. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.


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