May 2013 Finally, I will provide some detail about typical clauses in Net Profit Deal contracts, and how those clauses compare with traditional record deals. | Stay One Step Ahead, Intercompany Agreements: A Crucial Aspect of Transfer Pricing, Do-it-yourself Transfer Pricing Templates. to Write a Press Release Net Profit deals can be attractive to artists as well, but for completely different reasons. A "full" 360 Deal allows the label to share in all entertainment industry income, including touring, music publishing, merchandising, product endorsements, book publishing income (if the artist writes a book), and on and on. 0000067088 00000 n 0000062947 00000 n The application of the contribution profit split method requires careful analysis. Advantages (for Artists) Singles are becoming more common in music - especially as streaming and radio still remain two major forms of music consumption. Today it's more like six or seven out of every ten, at least. 0000091067 00000 n "You can either get a royalty deal, which is what most new artists out the gate get, [where] you gotta wait around for your royalties, nine months, 10 months, crazy shit, you get no points on your shit," Russ explained to show hosts Nadeska and DJ Akademiks. 0000259635 00000 n Before we continue, it is important to understand that the Profit Split Method is one of the common transfer pricing methods used to examine the “arm’s-length” nature of “controlled transactions.” If these terms do not ring a bell, we advise you to first read our articles What is Transfer Pricing? Performance Contracts Remember 22 Savage? I mention this because a lot of artists think it's major label vs. indie label - but it's not. Lots Why? Well, this is that secret recording deal and it's not so secret, at all. What is Contemporaneous Transfer Pricing Documentation? 0000007094 00000 n 0000107082 00000 n However, on the other hand - the marketing opportunities can be great with a 360 set-up, especially for an artist with an attractive brand. Learn more at: The band then shares in the net profits from those sales. Continues in Part Two: Some Sample Royalty Calculations. 0000019453 00000 n Film TV Media They work with as a third party, and work with the indie label's budget. Instead, the artist will receive only a share of net profits, and no separate mechanical royalty payments. 0000041652 00000 n That is a whole lot of money, but let’s not pretend the owners getting the $8.78 billion was one-sided. Record Deal Simulator is free and allows users to enter streams, deal options, advances, recording costs and more to reach an estimated profit for both artist and label. 0000091500 00000 n Many Programs. This is, of course, appealing to labels, particularly in the current music business climate, when the foremost concern of labels are the front-end costs and just trying to survive financially. However... some still offering incredibly similar deals as major labels. We've discussed contracts in a few past articles here- check 'em out, but today we're doing a deeper dive into contracts and what the hell a deal actually is. How are we supposed to understand random acronyms without any explanation? He is dedicated to giving veteran artists the tools to preserve their legacy, and new artists the tools to begin theirs (as well as everything in between). How to Make a Living w/ Music I just love classical music and my favorite way of playing it is through a turntable. If you are looking for more information on the Profit Split Method, this article is for you. Learn what works Whereas most young artists shy away from talking about the parameters of their record deal with a major label—and with good reason, it's really nobody's business—Russ embraced the opportunity to discuss his alignment with Columbia. You'd start making money once you recouped the cost in sales. How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet We created a quick and easy method for you to master the theory and practice of transfer pricing. These methods are divided in “traditional transaction methods” and or “transactional profit methods.” The Profit Split Method is a transactional profit method. On the other hand, in the case of the traditional record deal, the artist needs to verify only the income received and certain limited kinds of expenses (primarily just recording costs and independent marketing and promotion costs), and not all expenses. 0000006752 00000 n At the artist level, you don't see or notice that your indie label is working with a major affiliated development company and it doesn't matter, either. Is Your Business: The Musician's FourFront Strategy for Success," published in late 2007. 0000263634 00000 n 0000184494 00000 n 0000259731 00000 n These mechanical royalties are paid by the label in addition to the 12-15% artist royalties mentioned above and are a crucial source of cash flow for most artists. 0000002710 00000 n 0000013942 00000 n Copyright It's great to start off strong on your own, so you can navigate better with a team. An indie label can give you a great deal that works well for you - or a bad one that leaves a hole in your pocket. 0000259338 00000 n But first a bit of history and some framing. 853 0 obj <>stream


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