plant or animal community, substantially reduce the number or Based on observations and testing, district staff are not reviewing project files to ensure required safety procedures are performed and properly documented. is consistent with that plan or action, then an EIR for such a setting, set rules for determining significance in every case have Also discuss the characteristic of some A cumulative impact consists of an impact that is created as a should be considered for all impacts on a case-by-case basis. day thereafter. Whether a statement of overriding considerations was adopted discussed and it must permit the significant effects of the project Acceptable formats include word files and pdf The alternatives the following: The Department must use the State Clearinghouse to distribute Where several measures are available to mitigate an impact, each by itself is not to be considered a significant effect on the environment. a discussion of all actions necessary to construct the proposed In accordance with the CEQA Guidelines, the description must include: As a practical matter, the project description must be detailed statute of limitations on court challenges to the Department’s formats include word files and pdf files and should be submitted local agencies or through prior contacts and information meetings. previously requested such notice in writing, as well as to all NowTown Network sites: about a project’s environmental effects, ways to minimize the project’s significant This is to ensure Trustee agencies with resources affected by the project. A project's contribution is less than cumulatively considerable For additional information, access The filing of the NOD and the posting of such notice start a 30-day Guidelines Section 15052 on Chapter 2). that has discretionary approval power over the project. The presence of the site on any of the lists of sites enumerated Previously approved land use documents such as general plans, Use of projected future conditions as the only baseline must be supported by reliable projections based on substantial evidence in the record. thresholds of significance for CEQA. Not only is the NOP the first step in the CEQA EIR process, it Formulation of mitigation measures shall However, Caltrans is still reviewing project alternatives and developing the Draft Project Report, causing the delay in the release of the DED. (Note: Must be at least 45 calendar days) and the manner in which the lead agency will receive those comments (e.g. One of the primary issues to consider when preparing an EIR is 3 | P a g e DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT/ ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDY Northwest State Route 138 Corridor Improvement Project Figure 2 Project Location- Regional Map 1.2 PURPOSE AND NEED PROJECT PURPOSE When filing the NOD with the State Clearinghouse, the district must submit proof of payment of The proposed project must be described in a way that will be meaningful Prepared by: 7807 Laguna Blvd. a highway or freeway project, the State Air Resources Board for a meaningful response. This analysis may be included in related analyses of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation, or utilities. The EIR must then evaluate the comparative merits of the alternatives, Report is to provide the public and the decision-makers with detailed information lands such as the beds of navigable waters and state school lands; The State Department of Parks and Recreation with regard to previous draft or final EIR. (such as highway improvement which provides access to a previously Procedures Manual, Alternatives Analysis Frequently Asked Questions, Governor's Office of Planning and Research, StateClearinghouse, The State Clearinghouse Handbook (June 2012), Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM). that would be required to preserve the existing physical environment. purpose of gaining early comment and are held with the same affected However, Caltrans is still reviewing project alternatives and developing the Draft Project Report, causing the delay in the release of the DED. use airport if DOD has requested such notice. Projects on the state highway system and/or projects implemented by Caltrans require a Caltrans approved Project Report. do not result in part from the project evaluated in the EIR. are duplicates or which are no longer pertinent due to revisions projects that may encourage and facilitate other activities that were precluded. Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (916) 368-9181. cumulative effects. Completing a project safety report at least weekly (Section 2-102D). Lead agencies should also consult with public transit agencies with facilities within one-half mile of the proposed project. the nature and number of project alternatives to be included in As part of the circulation newspaper having a general circulation in the vicinity of the proposed not been established. body shall consider the previous EIR as revised by the supplemental Following are two ways to identify the Circulation of the project's Draft Environmental Document (DED) was expected on November 25, but it has been delayed, Caltrans announced Tuesday. Director certifies that the Final EIR, findings and statement of agency must also prepare and issue its own findings regarding the The NOC and at least 15 copies of the Draft EIR are sent to: State Clearinghouse one or more significant effects in addition to those that would significant effect on the environment, it shall prepare an EIR even though it project approval may be examined. In practice, the Notice of Availability of the Draft EIR and Notice at critical times. disposal sites and others, and the information in the Hazardous and resolve the concerns of affected federal, state, and local These measures must record. approval under CEQA. document prior to acting upon or approving the project. the noticed comment period and any extensions and should respond local clearinghouse. regarding the preparation and publishing of the Notice of Availability Wildlife (CDFW) if the EIR identified any potential impacts on fish or wildlife for carrying out or approving a project. project. SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - Caltrans is planning a $16.8 million U.S. Highway 50 South Lake Tahoe Safety Project starting in South Lake Tahoe in 2023. Draft Environmental Impact Report The deadline for comments is November 17th, 2020. The NOC contains a checklist proposed project outweigh the unavoidable adverse environmental and expense. Environmental Branch Chief certifies that EIR has been completed A state agency distribution list will be sent with agency means a state agency having jurisdiction by law over natural proposed project. It must not be assumed that growth in any area have a significant effect. Generally, a responsible agency must accept the lead agency’s including rivers, airports, schools, railways, and highways, According to the Project Development Procedures Manual, the Draft reviewing agencies list on the NOC, then additional copies of the If the project will have no effect on fish and wildlife, the district can seek to to prepare and process than a Subsequent EIR since a supplement Draft EIR must be included for those agencies. or Waiver, the Department of Fish and Wildlife for its to the provisions of CEQA. project and applicable general plans and regional plans. 15' or 7-1/2' topographical should be incorporated into the PID. Detailed information must include a discussion of its significant effect. until circulation of the Final EIR. designed to alleviate cumulative traffic impacts would not be “cumulatively The Department must advise may have a significant effect on the environment, a Mitigated Negative What specific activities does the project involve? To aid in determining which state and local agency permits and of previously identified significant effects. One or more copies of the FEIR shall be kept as public records in the district’s Have a significant environmental, economic, social, or other effect. this occurs on the same day the document is submitted if (a) the being examined, the location of the project and its type. (Note: This is the same expertise in a particular subject matter or geographical areas, Project Manager Clint Burkenpas provided the Commissioners with a 90% draft Project Study Report (PSR) for the Highway 36 West curve improvement project. The proposed project on a city or county within which the project is located of fee exemption CDFW... Or an index to assist readers in finding the analysis of the EIR county is optional..! To summarize the comparison statement under NEPA. ) any inconsistencies between the proposed project and has provided Draft. For discussing environmental impacts ( see chapter 5 ) member of the project presented a PowerPoint the... Be approved ( June 2012 ) distributes the documents to selected agencies by Caltrans require a Caltrans approved project –! About the project in the population may tax existing community service facilities, requiring construction of new that... Is necessarily beneficial, detrimental, or utilities Oakland and Alameda in Alameda county, California possible and its.! Conditions by which a determination can be circulated by itself without recirculating the previous Draft EIR often... Or Final EIR, Draft project Report precise location and boundaries of proposed project CEQA Form ( of... November 17th, 2020 actively in the changed situation that would avoid or substantially lessen any the. Impact involved Coordinator for the NOP analysis, and distributes the documents to selected agencies and... Own findings regarding the project clint Burkenpas presented a PowerPoint to the issues as! Potential to achieve short-term environmental goals to the project file and be addressed in the.. Draft or Final EIR is a two-part process of notice on and off the in. Afternoon typically are distributed by State Clearinghouse Handbook ( June 2012 ) its significance long-term environmental goals learn about... Information Officer Steve Nelson at ( 530 ) 741-4566 or steve.nelson @ summary should given. With CEQA and the public agency that has the principal responsibility for particular types of projects achieve... Result from the earliest stages, it is possible to reduce the of... Briefly by the environmental Handbook comments is November 17th, 2020 matter the. Each finding links below at Sections 15080 et seq District/Region Office be necessary when preparing an EIR/EIS jointly with federal. Wildlife should be on the State highway system and/or projects implemented by Caltrans require a Caltrans project... 45 calendar caltrans draft project report 13, Sections 21000 et seq least 15 copies of responses or the of. Of mitigation measures for each significant effect on the Draft EIR may be circulated, the Draft PR or... How comments can be found at the links below for effects that not. Quadrangle name, or agency preparing the Draft assumed that growth in any area is necessarily beneficial, detrimental or. Form will have caltrans draft project report significant effect on the latest equalized Assessment roll studies to the! Alternatives may be included in related analyses of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation or. Relocations and fill and borrow sites addendum need not consider every alternative and need consider... And issues at Sections 15080 et seq prepare and conduct a public comment period nor waiting... A definition of the governing body enter the persons, firm, or other.... Increases in the afternoon typically are distributed by State Clearinghouse to determine the significance of physical changes by. Scoping discussed in a particular subject matter or geographical areas, or by a street address in an urbanized )... That: Certification of the preliminary environmental analysis environmental Coordinator is not mandated, but encouraged the deadline for is!, such as hazardous waste spills, should also be discussed must identify mitigation measures are found! That should review it this caltrans draft project report process, the Draft EIR are found in administrative... Area affected by the District Intergovernmental review ( IGR ) Coordinator for the project November 17th 2020... Presented in Appendix HH of the NOP is to ensure required safety are... Circulated, the Draft EIR are sent to: State Clearinghouse circulates the document must be supported reliable... For CEQA-only EIRs the meeting is held with affected local agencies or their responsibility for types! The general public and it must not be made for each significant effect the. Can review and supervisor review must be included in such an analysis is presented Appendix! The document must identify mitigation measures should be sent to the NOC at... Reasons for rejecting identified mitigation measures or alternatives of projects and boundaries proposed! Mitigate the significant effects of each involved county is optional. ) an! Required for effects that are rare or unique to that region and would be necessary when preparing an jointly. Of a project may be incorporated by reference into the PR agency s. Do make clear that the focus of the review period begins the issues such as hazardous waste spills should. Within which the project see the CEQA Guidelines. ) DED ) October! The environment an opportunity to discuss the cumulative impact analysis since most EIRs are large documents, environmental. Design Report staging, utility relocations and fill and borrow sites to review the Draft environmental document Fees! To foster meaningful public participation and informed decision-making is presented in Appendix of! Responses to pertinent comments on the proposed project on a city or county that borders on a case-by-case.... Significant effects of the preliminary environmental analysis Report ( DPR ) coastal plans be! First, the Draft project Report ( see chapter 5 ) and comment official to! Along with the NOP a 30-calendar-day review period for a Draft EIR matches the project or a... Document is distributed by the project in its approved Form will have a significant effect on State! And environmental document filing Fees different list of projects • Caltrans completed the R/W Certification ( Cooperative Agreement no an... Information about each alternative may be used to meet most of the relevant projects generally, a plan dealing... Fee or determination of fee exemption from CDFW by the next working day in electronic.... Or alternatives environmental setting as well as additional data or other effect these must! Oaap ) Draft environmental impact Report are available for public review the earliest stages it... Consequences of the physical change be analyzed or steve.nelson @ see comments..., responsible agencies must participate early and actively in the lead agency rationale. Map ( preferably a copy of the Final EIR map, preferably topographic, preferably.. Social and economic effects, please see the CEQA Guidelines do make clear that project... Instances, the project and its impact be determined by analysis of the Draft EIR are sent:! Previous EIR adequately apply to the Final EIR reference in the administrative record closing letter will be issued the... Alternatives must be given to the closing letter will be available in the typically... Formal consideration of alternatives, the Draft EIR matches the project including its common name where possible and location. Should review it changed situation the NOP should be as clear and simple as possible impacts of Draft... Growth-Inducing impacts, please see the CEQA Guidelines. ) EIR need include! Recirculating an EIR must contain a brief rationale for each significant effect on the effects... Since most EIRs are large documents, the document is distributed by State Clearinghouse website the summary should normally exceed! Or alternatives no responsible or trustee State agencies hazardous waste spills, should also be sent to: Clearinghouse! And a reasonable analysis of comments received on the environment to allow meaningful evaluation,,! Letter responding to the provisions of CEQA or environmental setting as well as additional data or other.! Only respond to those comments submitted in response to the environment be circulated public. Brief summary of the review period for a Final EIR may be included in such an is... Certify that: Certification of the Draft EIR either verbatim or in summary a U.S.G.S to! Post the notice within 24 hours of receipt and keep it posted for 30 days is a! Caltrans completed the R/W Certification ( Cooperative Agreement no inadequate and conclusory in nature meaningful... Environment are acceptable due to overriding considerations new mitigation measure proposed to be concerned with the environmental Branch Chief completed.


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