Throwing and light hacking are the intention here, as is fighting in close quarters, where every inch and ounce can make the difference between a swift kill and a sloppy struggle. Because it works well enough that window dressing would only drag it down. 3D machined G-10 scales flank the handle for comfort and non-slip function, and a custom-molded, snap-fit Boltaron sheath ensures safety when not in use. Best known for multi-purpose tactical knives with wicked designs, CRKT keeps it short and sweet with their compact tomahawk.

Included is a a Kydex blade cover and a leather retaining strap. Disclosure: Clicking on these links and making a purchase may earn us a small referral fee, at no extra cost to you. Originally developed for use by military and law enforcement, this tool is equally well-suited to combat and breach applications. A hammer poll on the back of the head adds crushing force to complement cutting power. Designed to be both tactical and portable, this compact tomahawk by SOG can easily be used for self defense or other applications in tight quarters with limited space and features a heavy-duty stainless steel blade, an extended cutting head, a compact glass-reinforced nylon handle, and a metal butt cap. We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible!
Beginning with a Viking-style blade attached to what amounts to a complex ruler/hammer/meter stick/wrench, the Operator clearly wants you to notice its multiple functions, though it’s easy to get caught on the pragmatic permanence the body gives. One addition you won’t often find is the glass breaker located at the end of the handle, and the fast draw carrier is sure to please when you need quick access to your tomahawk in the event of emergency. A three-edged head lends maximum cutting power in steel with a powder coat, and the glass reinforced nylon handle offers exceptional grip and optimal control. Tennessee hickory is known for its shock absorbing qualities, straight grain, high density, and strength — so no need to go modern here. In short, standard soldiers, mercs, security personnel, law enforcement operators, and others who live and die by the gun are turning to tactical tomahawks to complete their combat kit.

Purchase: $40, A pound and three ounces is all the fast hawk brings to bear, since that’s all it needs.

The top tomahawk choice by us for urban carry — although we don’t recommend open carry of a tomahawk on the streets — the Walther Tactical Axe not only looks the part, but was built to perform whatever tasks you require of it. 5.0833 Walther FTK XXL Fixed Tool Knife. While it certainly plows through doors, windows, and other stationary obstacles when coupled with the right amount of strength or aggression, it was designed specifically for close quarters combat. Partial cord-wrapped upper handle is optional. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Overall: 16.25"; Blade: Stainless l Standard Edge l Black Finish; Handle: Black l Synthetic; Other Info: 7.5" overall 420 stainless axe head with 4.25" cutting edge and spike end. Learn more here. 5.0798 Walther Compact Axe. If for any Another eye-catching number from the mythical mind of Laci Szabo, this tomahawk features a uniquely curved handle, which serves the purpose of shifting the balance to midway up the handle (unlike others, designed for end-of-handle grip). Greater control in hand-to-hand combat situations. Two years later he was reportedly working as an axe maker in the factory of Sexton Washburn in Hull, Quebec. The Traumahawk is no ordinary tomahawk. Purchase: $320, Though the top name in knives should easily be top of the heap in tomahawks, Benchmade’s build isn’t as impressive as we’d like.
When you’re prepped to get combat ready, have one of the 16 best tactical tomahawks, and you’ll be ready for battle. Email:, 9AM-7PM CST Mon-Fri 5.0773 Compact Knife Sharpener by Walther. Grab and turn, and you’ve got a 16″ fighting axe that’s capable of short throws, though accuracy won’t impress since it isn’t balanced for chucking. The blade and handle are D2 steel, coated in black titanium carbonitride coating for added strength and corrosion resistance. Purchase: $185, The first thing to know is that Ryan Johnson’s name is behind the design here.

Even more striking than this old-new juxtaposition is the tactical nature of this axe. A narrow head, quick swing, and leverage galore give this slender dame some serious teeth. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! Smashing, breaking, ripping, digging, and slashing are all on the table with this problem-solver. Required fields are marked *. Measuring 15" overall, this tactical axe has a 6 7/8" axe head with a 3.5" cutting edge and a 2.5" sharpened spike. It holds up to a heap of abuse, and when you’re ready to replace the handle, you’ll find it surprisingly cheap and easy. Naturally, it will cut, as well, and a smallish spike on the back serves admirably when you need to puncture, rather than chop. Here, this beast is built with a composite glass-breaker handle and checker-cut grip for durability and dexterity for incredible control. Light enough for laid back weekend work, or getting deadly during wetwork on Tuesday, expect to see a lot of these at the Special Ops jamborees. At just under 2 pounds in weight and 16 inches in length, it won’t wear you down while trudging through the woods on your next backpacking trip. Black nylon belt sheath. While many tomahawks feature a spike to complement the cutting edge, the back of this blade is equipped with a hammer instead, adding functionality when you’re pounding tent spikes or cracking stubborn nuts.

A modern tomahawk can cut into a car, shatter the toughest glass, pierce through kevlar, and can dig in the dirt, hew trees, and work as much as a cooking and camp tool as a close-quarters combat weapon. The tool itself is protected by a corrosion resistant powder coating, while a paracord wrapped handle is outfitted with large, removable G-10 scales for an impeccable grip.

Its tough, durable, and ready to inflict damage thanks to a 4.25-inch black coated stainless steel blade, an intimidating rear spike, and a composite handle with a built-in glass breaker on the bottom and a checker-cut grip.

Szabo’s background in military and law enforcement shows with this performance tool, which features a one-piece, full-tang construction in steel, with anti-reflective, corrosion-resistant titanium carbonitride coating. These are supplements to go with your tactical knives, and a slightly more powerful tool than you’ll get with a survival blade. 5.0739 Ceramic Knife Sharpener by Walther. Luckily, they delivered with this urbane axe intended for use in urban landscapes.

Tennessee Hickory, a tried and true material used for tool handles of all kind, is the wood of choice for this axe handle.

: +1-847-513-6201 Many boots on the ground fighters are finding that in addition to their traditional tactical load of spare mags, goggles, gas masks, watches, and fatigues, they also need a special breaching and survival tool.

As much respect as a quality tomahawk will earn you, they can also serve more practical, functional purposes beyond intimidation such as forcible entry, self defense, military hand to hand combat applications, and light to medium around-the-house demolition. What was to eventually became the Walters Axe Company actually started as H. Walters & Sons in 1889, although Henry T. Walters had purchased the company in 1886. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Its pretty difficult not to notice a man that’s wielding a tomahawk. Sometimes “eviscerate” is the best battle plan. Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. Dense and hard, you can use it as a work axe or hatchet, but it’s like using a SIG Sauer to open a can of beans.

Glass breaker pommel.

Included is a nylon carry sheath.


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