This ceramic spray is one way to help make sure your vehicle is cared for and protected. It’s designed with the highest quality ingredients for top performance. When you do remove the ceramic coating, take care, and use caution because the paint on your car can be easily compromised. You want your vehicle to look as good as it did the day you bought it. If you want your paint to pop with gloss, you will want to add a Ceramic Coating. The coating achieves this result by making your vehicle more resilient and easier to clean. As cars age, the paint is going to look dull and lackluster.

One of the most significant features of a Ceramic Coating is that it is hydrophobic, which is a fancy way of saying it repels water. Once your car is clean, you can then apply the hybrid ceramic wax for a protective, shiny finish. After it has cured, the exterior of your car will be sealed and protected from the outside environment. By molecularly bonding with the painted surface, Tsunami Ceramic Coatings create a hard, durable new surface that becomes a protective barrier between the painted surface and harsh environmental contaminants offering the ultimate in adhesion, coating hardness, hydrophobicity, heat resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, durability and an exceptional gloss finish. It uses 9H nanotechnology that makes it more durable and lasts for up to five years. It also makes the exterior easier to clean and keep clean. our Formal Introduction to Paint Protection Film.? Thus, it is important for you to know what a Ceramic Coating does not do. At Exclusive Detail, we are leading installers of Ceramic Coatings for Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area. Hybrid coatings are designed to give you the best of both worlds for a strong, protective finish. The kit includes one nano-bionic ceramic coating, one pretreatment, two coated sponges, one spreading microfiber, one polishing microfiber, and a pair of gloves.

Everyone loves the shine of a brand new car. Moreover, having a Ceramic Coating means that you will no longer have to wax your vehicle every few months, eliminating a significant part of maintaining your car’s exterior. But before you make a buying decision, it’s important to get the facts straight. It is important to know that a Ceramic Coating is not a substitute for more serious scratch or chip protection (such as Paint Protection Film, also known as Clear Bra), nor does it eliminate the need to wash your car in a proper manner in order to avoid swirl marks. Ceramic coating protects a car’s paint from blemishes and damage while keeping it cleaner for longer. You should follow our How To Detail a Car guide before using our How To Apply Ceramic Coating guide! Moreover, having a Ceramic Coating means that you will no longer have to wax your vehicle every few months, eliminating a significant part of maintaining your car’s exterior. All you need is the spray, two microfiber towels, and a little bit of elbow grease to get a glossy, protective finish.
There are many benefits to getting a ceramic coating on your car. It is a lot tougher and more resistant to contaminants. On the one hand, manufacturers and detailers have made outstanding promises about the performance of their Ceramic Coatings. It helps eliminate dirt, grease, and grime and is hydrophobic. Click to learn more. This long-lasting protective ceramic sealant has a high gloss shine that leaves your car looking like new. | Protecting the Rear Wheel Impact Area, Is Paint Protection Film Right for My Vehicle? Durability and longevity are just two of the benefits of using a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are an alternative to wax that also add a layer of protection to your paint. Privacy Policy, 4913 Chastain Ave. #32 They also keep it that way by giving the best protection available. A ceramic coating is meant to PROTECT the finish or top layer of different materials found on a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or other piece of equipment. When ceramic coating is applied on a car's body, the polymer forms a chemical bonding with the … A Ceramic Coating is not a wax or nano sealant that will wash away or break down over time with exposure to chemicals and the environment. Some find that it is similar to powder coating which is used to protect property and machinery from rust and weather which you can find from somewhere like these, A Ceramic Coating is not a substitute for. The coating is hydrophobic and easy-to-apply, for long-lasting protection from the elements. So you carefully wash it on a regular basis and you apply a new coat of wax every few months. It … Waxing your car has long been a tried and true method for helping protect your car from the environment. Instead, we’re here to help you make the right decision for you and your car for the long run.

A DIY kit is usually less expensive but isn’t quite as durable as a professional one.

In short, a Ceramic Coating adds additional protection to your car’s exterior and helps keep it looking like-new with comparatively minimal maintenance. All Rights Reserved. This kit is easy to use and has top-notch products. Its new 3-in-1 formula allows you to polish and protect your car while giving it a deep, vibrant shine. All the different product types, as well as the terms companies use to advertise those products can be overwhelming and confusing, but that's why we're here. Furthermore, improper car washing techniques or automated car washes will still create swirl marks on your vehicle’s surface. All rights reserved. Initially, you will pay more upfront for a ceramic coating, but, in the long run, ceramic coatings will save you more money. For this specific task, we asked Mike Pennington, the Director of Global Training, Event Marketing, and Consumer Relations at Meguiar’s, to give us his top tips for using ceramic coating and detailing products.


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