Upon completion of the above-mentioned steps, a stronger cipher suite will be activated. $('#search').show(); First create an address object for the network device that will be used to manage the ZLD appliance via SSH. } Votre pays n'est pas pris en charge par le Support EMEA.

If you need to collect packets from CLI command line and need to download a packet trace file, please follow these steps. $(this).attr("selected","true"); //或是給selected也可 Buy our NEW Value Added Services, VPN Client Software or Nebula Licenses with 1-click, If you are looking for RMA, please register yourself to our support portal or login, since we only offer RMA to our registered customers. Please contact our support, if it is still not working. $('#'+formname+' .distagArea').children().remove(); configure terminal Repeat the process to add any additional admin devices. Set server port on 443. ori_width = $(this).width(); View and Download ZyXEL Communications ZYWALL USG CLI reference manual online. Copyright © });

Please refer to www.zyxel.com for product specific User Guides and product certifications.

mouseenter: Parfois, une interrogation support nécessite que le client accède à son unité via un câble série / un câble de console afin d'atteindre l'interface de ligne de commande (CLI). } var zero = ""; The customer made a change to the USG's config (system-->www) and now cannot be authenticated as admin from the LAN or WAN, how can he use the CLI command to set the configuration in order to permit access from the LAN subnet to the USG. Run Notepad application. $(this).removeClass("evenselect"); If you … Enter model number to find the articles related product applications, FAQ and user experience.. You can upload shell script to ZyWALL/USG and issue command line to achieve this, 2. Sélectionnez la puce "Série" et sélectionnez le Port correspondant dans le menu déroulant, puis cliquez sur "OK". November 2004.

} }, function previewArticle(oid) {

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This guide will cover the process of changing the management values for WWW, SSH and Telnet via CLI command. How to use CLI command to perform packet trace? $('#viewLogForm').attr('action','/KB/edit!viewLogs.action'); Save this file as "reboot_device.zysh" 4. }); How to change WWW, SSH and Telnet via CLI command. debug _speedtest-cli. /* Tous droits réservés.. Cher client Zyxel, Unfortunately, we could not verify the warranty status of your device. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this guide is accurate. $.post('ajax!ajaxSwitchLanguage.action', {languageOid:lang.value}); //seems no work By default, SSH works on TCP:22, but this can be changed to a different port. }); Aucun service de service le jour ouvrable suivant [NBD] n'est activé pour ce produit.

function viewRejectLogs(oid) { target: '#main', (Commands available from 4.33 - WK30 Code or later) can be found here: Note: All CLI commands, need to be entered by "SSH". ');});

function editSolutionArticle(oid, comefrom) { (The device will reboot at 10:00 every month on 23th). Example: “ip http secure-port 4443”, will change the https management port to 4443. new_width = $(this).attr("_w"); Consider this problem by example. function closeAjaxArticle() { $('#username').focus(); Ex:  Router (config)# ip ssh server rule insert 1 access-group Admin_PC zone LAN1 action accept, Ex:  Router (config)# ip ssh server rule insert 2 access-group ALL zone ALL action deny. }); Business.

var popMargTop = ($(loginBox).height() + 24) / 2; For devices, purchased in North America, please submit a support request to US support team. Some of them need to execute into "configure terminal" mode before the command will be accepted.CLI Documentation Full. var quickOid = fullarticleid($('#quickOid').val()); Utilisateurs qui ont trouvé cela utile : 1 sur 1, https://osdn.net/projects/ttssh2/releases/, Présentation des commandes CLI utiles pour la série USG (meilleure pratique), Réactivation de l'accès HTTPS / HTTP via le terminal SSH. Zyxel and/or its affiliates. function switchLanguage(lang) { If you only need to check the packet flow on CLI command console, you can type, *the interface name, even pppoe interface, you can only use interface name, For example: packet-trace interface wan1_ppp.
The ZLD appliance command line interface can be accessed via SSH, Telnet (disabled by default) or a Console connection. Next Business Day Service [NBD] - Activated, There is no Next Business Day Service [NBD] Service activated for this product. function quickViewArticleByArticleId(lang) { (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){

$('#viewLogOid').val(oid); }

}); $('#viewPackageForm').submit();

$(this).attr("_w", ori_width); This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. The HTTPS server listens on port 443 by default, set server port to 443: # ip http secure-port 443 Step3. Moreover, a set of commands and the IP-address of the ZyWALL USG must be in separate files. Où puis-je trouver des micrologiciels, des fiches techniques et des guides d'utilisation pour mon périphérique Zyxel?

$('#'+formname+' .distagArea').append(''); $().ready(function() { Login via console/telnet/SSH. $('#translateForeignArticleForm #translateOid').val(oid); Step 5: Enter the CLI command ... www.zyxel.com Step 6: Enter the CLI command “write” to save the configuration changes.

{ The command below disables HTTP management. 'margin-left' : -popMargLeft $(this).height(new_height); $('#viewLogOid').val(oid); },

}); //Fix radio checked bug If you are our partner or L2 agent, please login KB system with your eITS account. } How can I send CLI commands to ZyWALL USG using a bat file in Windows? Some commands or command options in this guide may not be available in your product.

Dans ce cas, accédez à "Configuration> Serial Port": Dans la plupart des cas, le débit en bauds n'est pas défini correctement. For further information check. //var lang = $("#kbLanguage").val(); $('#ajaxDetailArticleId').val('');


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